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Intelligent analysis of your business data is our passion



Our experience is working with data. The integration of our systems provides a holistic, real and reliable view of your business, through secure software.



Decisions must be quick and have access to information to be correct as well. Our software captures and analyzes data in record time.



Extremely relevant data, easy to access and interpret. The information combinations are made by the software itself, providing rich material for easy analysis.



Few clicks, reports at hand. Smart software, with intuitive and simplified interfaces.
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and our softwares

We are a team in constant evolution and we generate efficient and intelligent solutions, focused on the capture, processing and analysis of data. We combine our experience in the market with innovation, developing secure systems that facilitate day-to-day business.

Data integration
Automation of routines
Standardization of
Record traceability
Costs reduction
Data security
Holistic view of different departments
Analysis of management reports

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suits your company


People are essential. This management software acts in the evaluation of performance and feedback, helping in the productivity, health and sustainability of companies, among other functionalities.


The day can be lighter. Management of the working day, digitally, securely, anti-fraud and integrable with other software through API.


Deliveries on time, always. Management and autonomy of projects, ensuring the monitoring of action plans and efficiency in deliveries, among other features.


Total customer focus. Management of the relationship and attention of accounting clients, facilitating access to information in real time, such as simulation of entry and termination costs, CNDs and permits, billing statement, as well as all accounting, personal and tax routines.


Correct communication defines paths. Human resource management, integrating and optimizing communication between the employee and the HR team, such as benefits, vacations, payroll, training, among other features.


Numbers don't have to be complex. Management of financial operations, with issuer of invoices, financial control (cash flow, accounts payable and receivable, and managerial DRE), sales and inventory control, among other functionalities.


Condo up to date. Condominium Administration, integrating Condominium, Administration and Condominium.

Applying earnings to your


Ethics is our basic principle! We act in accordance with the laws and moral principles.
Customer experience is our secret! We generate agile and definitive solutions focused on the needs of our clients.
We breathe innovation! We develop intelligent and current solutions capable of optimizing the business.
We think and act outside the system! Our ideas and knowledge add value to what we produce.
We always do good! We promote the personal and professional development of those around us, always looking to the future.
We have quality certification, ISO 27001.
Understand our

Development Process


Understanding the need

We identify the pains of each client to present the best set of solutions.


Diagnosis of strategic and project risks

We enable the execution within the needs and possibilities of your company.


Project scope definition

We present solutions that assertively adjust to the real needs of the company.


Prototype projects

Iniciamos o trabalho com um projeto piloto para obtermos os primeiros resultados.


Mapping of best practices

With the first information in hand, we were able to evaluate the effectiveness of what was initially suggested.


Development, approval and delivery.

We have finished the intelligence project that you will add to your business!

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